A poem submitted by the venerable Bill Perry of the November Coalition:


(c) 1998 William P. Perry

A plant God clearly gave us
As harmless as can be
Can subject us all as victims of injustice
When will the masses ever see?

They changed its name only to fool
From hemp to marihuana
They said it was the Devil's tool
How do they lie and ramble?

For millennia, considered a staple of mankind
But now, maliciously, branded a pariah crop
A war brought on by men of simple mind
When on earth will it ever stop?

Our farmers are not allowed to grow
That which the market does demand
Our people are not inclined to know
It is their Right to take a stand.

Politicians with atrophic mind
Grope for more and tougher laws
To destroy our lives and families
By keeping us behind their bars and walls.

Helicopters filled with soldiers
Confirm we have a civil war
Looking down with hungry eyes
Why must we stand for any more?

Prisons filling as we speak
With some who only grew an herb
For their courts can easily convict you
On nothing but a liar's word.

Its wonders are aplenty and certainly well-known
Medicine, food, paper, clothing, and fuel
In any region it can be grown
Alas, suppressed by those who rule.

Let us now present the facts to all
So they can finally realize
Hell, no more "up against the wall"
The only choice is re-legalize!

Is it not our true intention
To live our lives in peaceful bliss
Free from government intervention
To keep us from our Cannabis?

The following poems are by HONEYBUD WEEDWHACKER:

Yes, it was me on the rock blocks
     at Boston Harbor
while you down there
     in your rich parent's boat
looking so lonely like I used to
     so I waved and you smiled....
before I had seen you, I was considering
     jumping in the water
like the tea that was dumped,
      washing myself clean in baptism of colonists....
i came here from another square state
     to pay homage, to do duty as Americans do
and imagine what your parents would have thought
      if they had known that sweet lonely you
waved to once lonely me
      and in the future......,
you were to follow my steps to justice???

we kept eyes on each other until we became specks
      amidst an unforgettable horizon, waving to a moment in time
forever frozen....
Jan. 6, 1999

This Smoke....
Has eyes of yesterday and tomorrow
Beyond the grievous thoughts of today's
and sees
of crossfire.
They say it's wrong today but I won't hear of it now
not ever
not my babies
their babies
will be deprived of

To Harry, An asslinger

There was a man who dealt a bad hand
To all the tokers, 'cross the land...
And now he's in hell
In Satan's jail
And ain't no paper company, bank, or cousin
Gonna save him now!


"Please appease and follow the rules please!
  If you do not follow them, we will CONDEMN! and PUNISH!
 No one can break us, for we are the JUST(?)! The Righteous!"

"Ah no! I disagree," says the Wise Weed Man to the authority.
   You are not wise for you have no red eyes, your skies--
   not especially blue 'cause no one taught you

Do not condemn me for what you are not brave enough to do!
   Your comprehension is in dire need to be opened with my stash
    of cystalized weed!"

"Sir, you are speaking silly nonsense, please stand attent while I commence to arrest you!,"
authoritively the authority authorized.

Calmly Wise Weed Man did stand while the authority
  bound his hands....
BUT THEN! in a puff of toke smoke, Wise Weed Man was an
    invisible joke.
When the smoke cleared, the authority was all stoned and weird and
  Wise Weed Man was no where to be found!

"Don't make MOJO come back and kick some ass--
THINK fer yerself DAMMIT!"


I don't wanna go...
I don't wanna grow..
The the age of thirty!

What will become of me
When I become thirty?-
Will I lose my spritely ways,
And stop smokin' for days & days?

I don't wanna lose a buzz
When I grow older 'cause
I'm a day before thirty!

written 4-18-96

 They say
 and my arms hurt from this sign--
 Driving past,
 THEY spit on me
      shake their heads
      thumbs down
 What is the American Dream
 but an unattainable vapor,
 pipe dream at best...?
 Hiding away in our own corner--
 invading our own privacy?
 America, oh America--I once
 in you....
 And here I stand today in your


The Confiscation Prayer (dedicated to all those who shared my first bust ever)

Oh, Mother Earth, I bury your treasure on the mountainside
For those who do not understand your herbal magic
Have come to crucify, convict, & confiscate the small amounts
  of happiness that I own.

I am under your spell, Mother Earth, I hurt no one!
I inhale your love, I exhale my pains, my angers...
Authorities come for me, robbers and rapists run wild!
Authorities throw me down, then criminals throw down innocent people!

I am thrown to the ground in ignorance by criminal authority.
So Mother Earth, protect my wares on your mountainside
And protect those in dilemma's similar to mine,
For the ignorant know not or care not what they do....


Yea though I walk
through the valley of ignorance,
I shall fear no evil...

Instead, I will march with my head high
and being high,
 I shall join forces with those who are
 sick  of all this talk about a bad thing.
This herb is not even close to the
 hypocrisy  that worships the almighty and
    man-made dollar.
 Yes Mr. Suited Slut, you will whore
     no more on my rights to pursue my happiness

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Please take a moment of silence for the 90's woman
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"If ye value wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you and may posterity forget ye were our countrymen." --Samuel Adams. 1722-1803.