Stoner Terms
1. The "POT Slobbers": Ususally occurs after such a big hit and all you
can do is cough and slobber all over yourself while others stare in disbelief and concern.
 2.Wankersmokers: Folks who come over only to "catch a buzz" and are disrespectful
enough to state it as they first enter your abode. *and are usually turned down for misconduct.
3. Afterburner: A burp  containing smoke, long after you've taken a hit.
4.Uba (ponounced oobah): cylindrical tube of toilet paper or paper towel roll stuffed with numerous sheets
of fabric softener (unused, of course) to filter "glory smoke" from such unsparing places as
dorms, bedrooms in a parent's home, etc. (or spoof-a-lator, thanks derby).
5.Torked: As in tweaked. Very much stoned. Almost  comatose.
6. The "Warps": An elapsed amount of time spent while high thinking
about philosophies  that may actually work if ever applied when all of sudden, you realize
no one is around and you've been "out" for three hours.
7. Byak: After a humongous bong hit (in my case, a six footer), the horrifying experience of puking while high.
8. Mr. Potato Head Vision: Prevalent for early starting marijuana tokers, it is a condition of
seeing your friends and compatriots with way too big heads for their way too small bodies.
9. Cap: As in covering the bowl so no oxygen helps the burning weed deteriorate before
anyone else can have more.
10. Crude: Scraped resin from the bowl when a dry spell hits your dealer. Can cause headaches
and makes a weird, sleepy high. Better than nothing or is it?
Honeybuds and the hired help tokee smokee.