Letters received by my protest crew
or by myself, personally*
Dear Diane,
     It has been three days and three nights since I first saw your
 picture in High Times and a promise to myself to look you up on the
 internet. I will not divulge too much about myself online but I will
 tell you this - I have a lot of respect for you and the risks you take
 for others. People hail each other as heroes always overlooking the true
 heroes, those like you willing to take life's experiences and turn them
 around to benefit not only themselves, but others as well.
     Allow me to preach for a while about this world, a world whose
 population is bent so much on self destruction. By this I mean wars,
 poverty, racism, genocide, rape, torture, hate, and the list goes on and
 on and on. Why do we tout murderers as heroes? From the Presidents we
 elect to the wars they start, and the victories they achieve over the
 dead bodies of women, and children whose numbers are proudly included in
 the body counts. It is in faith that we put our plights into these
 people's hands, and hungrily await repreve.
     Do not get me wrong, but this world sucks. Yet when I look into the
 eyes of playing children, dreamy lovers, and aging couples I realize
 that this is a beautiful world with endless possibilities even for
 people like us - pot smokers. To calmly enjoy a bowl of the finest kind
 is to feel the earth's pulse from the earth's bounty. A knowledge not
 visited by anyone blind in the ways of higher authority.
     I am glad I was able to share in your life and you were kind enough
 to divulge your experiences. This knowledge has moved me enough to write
 you, and thank you for courage and perserverence.

Dear Diane,
 Love and Light to you in the New Year.I hope you will visit S.F.Heart again
 sometime.  I visited your site. It is very kewl!! I congratulate you on your
good work  and worthwhile  information. Very informative but fun too.
That's what I like to see. I gave you my vote!
Your quote page is sensational and I saw many that are new to me.
I also discovered on your page about your speaking engagements an
 interesting new  phrase  "Self Preservation in the Midst of Selfless Activity".  ;-)
 I really like the way you put that. And it is subject I have been thinking
 on lately.*smile*
You are bright as a new penny and I look forward to visiting you again.
Peace and Love,

Hello..read your story in HIGH TIMES an wanted say much respect you for
your effort to the struggle. It takes alot to stand up for your RIGHTS and what
you believe in. I try also, 2, in the Graffitti movent.....
:) Seth S. 1999
                               " What is it?
      It is the firefly illuminating the night
      It is the breath of a Buffalo in Jah wintertime
      It is the shadow which runs across the plains and dissapears into the

You will know my revolution by ordinary voice---
Let it be told---humanity is subject to the whims of the elite.
The uppercrust, forever high on currency,
silences the cry of the proletariat.
Murdering ideas is a petty crime--which is to say--
this is not a pretty rhyme.
Order is dull and the beat is off.
Modern poet, scoff at poetic devices.
Rules are made by the elite.
Leave them to obey.
Form or formlessness---brackets and bolts
Teenage schoolgirls to carry my coat.
Six billion.  Am I so small?
How many geniuses do you know?
Lots!!!!  Everywhere I turn I trip over "Eureka!".
So many others...think deep thoughts.
A world away someone is in love with me.
Of course!! How could she not be?
I believe in Ganja.....I hope you are happy.
I read the article in HT.  Thought I'd just wish you the best of luck in
your endeavors.   Your honesty and bravery is inspirational.  Presently,
I am "underground" about my political views.  However, after I graduate from
   law school, I intend to do as much as I can to bring down this unjust prohibition.
Good fortune, Diane.  My thoughts are with you.

I was just checking out your site, which I didnt even know about until
quite recently. I completely disagree with prohibition on every level.
I was recently the victim of a horrible RIPPOFF, one of the many hazards
of prohibition, and potsmokers trying to love and accept their
fellow human beings.  I was held for about 5 days by the notorious
LA police department (know as the local gestapo by us stoners).
It is completely ridiculous that these "officers of the law" completely disregard
our rights and freedoms as pot smoking free loving citzens.
Hopefully this new year will bring forth much needed acceptence of human
rights world wide.
Peace, Love, and Pot.
Thanks and praises to our Creator
Jah Live!

Thanx for the chance to Congrat you on your Freedom Fighter of the Month
Award, and the great site. Keep up the Good Work, and may you be PainFree.
Another Med.MJ Patient
Happy to Be

Diane...I see you made in the issue of Hightimes Mag...
Congratulations.....At least your taking a stand....no one else
seems to have the guts or bravery to do it...
Congrats and Merry Christmas.

I read about you in high times and looked up your web-page.  It's really put
together well.  I, too, am a writer, and was a smoker.  You sound like a
really motivated person-- that's cool, there aren't many people out there who
actually do things!  Or, maybe there are more than I think.  At any rate, just
wanted to make contact, say hi, keep working and peace will come-- but
sometimes even the dischord is just what you need.  (I'm starting my second
book right now and  have stumbled across the same blocks and hang-ups that I
thought I had extinguished for good during the writing of my first.  But, I'm
learning that these things are what let you know you're really on to
So long, and keep working!

Greetings and Salutations,
Very nice webpage.
I was intrigued by your interesting (and possibly tragic story if not
for the fortitude and resilience you have shown  in dealing with life)
tale. Congratulations on keeping your head together in spite of the
seemingly awful circumstances you wrote about. I too feel that "drugs"
are inherently an issue of freedom and that obscuring the real issue
behind such arguments as medical vs recreational vs psychological use
are harmful to the overall goal of the struggle: regaining liberty and
individual determination. You see,  as civil liberty is eroded by the
increasingly legislative and litigatious nature of our US society, our
behavior becomes less and less responsible. For what is freedom, but the
opportunity to act in a responsible manner? As you must surely know,
when one is denied the chance to act in a responsible way, one is then
not able to act responsibly when faced with a choice of behaviors. The
stricter and more legalistic our society becomes, the more irresponsible
it becomes as well. I applaud you for standing up for freedom and civil
liberty and I wish you only the best in your continued efforts to
re-establish our basic rights. People might argue that if we make drugs
legal then society will fall apart, but I make a counter argument: 80
years ago, almost ALL drugs were legal, but we didn't see roving bands
of crazed lunatics running amok did we? Of course we didn't. Because
individuals were responsible FOR THEMSELVES; there was no "government
knows best and will help you" attitude. If people chose to do something,
it was there responsibility, and if that choice ended up badly, then
that was their  responsibility as well: not yours, not mine, and
certainly not the government's either. Frankly, I think that if we can
regain some of our freedom, then we will see a slow shift back to
stability and responsibility. Re-legalizing marijuana is the prime
example of this. Anyway, enough of my rant; you are preaching to the
choir on this one.
Thanks for your efforts.
PS- You turned out great. You're a beautiful, articulate young woman who
has already proven her point. Don't let anyone try to make you think
otherwise. Congratulations again, and keep up the good work.

i just got done checking out your site. Good job!!!
Please that me know if theres anyway i can help you make a differance?
                                           your friend  mookie[mike]

Hi.  I read the article about you in High Times.  I like your page and was
wondering if I could copy and paste the "hempis.html" section of your site for
mine.  My site is mostly graffiti art, but there is a marijuana section that
I'm always trying to add on to.  So please write back and keep up the good

I think it is great what you are doing,not to mention you are a
beautiful girl.  This world needs more people like yourself, fighting
for the betterment of this nation.  I stand behind you unconditionally.
My only regret is there is not much activism to be done from Oklahoma
City, except go to the state capital on April 20, which I always attend.
I think a conversation with you would be an interesting and learning
experience, so if you would email me back.
Stay Kind,

High !    how are U ?  I`m   OK   I`ve been 2 State Collage   be 4    it
was like 10  years ago .  anyway I like what your doing !   I saw it in
HT  mag.    I will vote 4 U in da   HIGH 100    OK  C-ya    (-:

well i saw you mentioned in high times... so today i went to your websight.
first i'll say, its loaded, nice job i still have not seen it all in the 2hrs i
have been on it...
i feel like i want to tell you so much and give you praise with out
belittleing you fight and not seeming like  i'm in "adore"....follow me???
well i have so much to thank for
starting to smoke pot... new self esteem, confidence and a higher satisfaction
of life... i was a very politicaly minded person for a few years, into a music
and political scene were i almost felt pressured (now that i look back) to keep
tabs and fight for what were nothing but ideas...since giving up most of those
causes (extreme animal rights, political prisoners, the like..) i now am
fighting for something with a foundation with in me (pot) not a sometimes
biased cause or story...now i know what fighting for someting because it means
the different quality of my life...i dont know what else to say but i want to
say keep giving them the truth and i tip my hat to you, if i ever wore one -
yours truly,    vincent

Hi there
Like I said I saw your URL to your page in the new issue of High Times so I
thought I would give your'e page a looksee . frankly, I am impressed at the HTML
value but  that is beside the point I strongly believe in the legalization of
Marijuana that I will defend and i also voted for the medicinal use of Marijuana
I am sure you have heard all this before i just merely wanted to say Great Web
Page  .
thank you for your time and mine

glad to see someone who's not afraid to stand up for what she believes
in. wish i knew more females who smoked.  seems most of the people in my
area who toke are males.  am 32 yrs. old and have never dated a female who was
cool about it.fine job on the web page and congrats on being featured in high
times--every stoner's dream.  the closest that i've come is getting my
squirrel's pic in the pets issue a year or 2 ago.
keep up the good work--free the weed

Today I saw an article about you in high times, and I just wanted to
thank you for all your work in decriminalizing marijuana. I am from
Canada and do a small part here to help in the decriminalization. I
checked out your web page and thought it was really good. I also have
a web page http://members.tripod.com/greenleaf_bandit
please let me know if you would put a link from your page to mine, as
I will do the same for you.
thank you for your time.

Hi, my name is Peter M. and I am 21 years old. I am a
Canadian student at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
My E-mail is PAMUNOZ@ice.lakeheadu.ca
Just a few words...
I read your profile in High Times and I felt compelled to visit your
page. I read your story and I thusly felt compelled to write you. I
realize you are probobly very busy but I feel happy nonetheless
knowing I have written you and shared some thoughts...
It is a great pleasure to know that there are people like you, with
your drive and commitment, in the world. Although it seems a little
weird, I think about my future children a lot, and worry about the
society they will grow up in, and the people and heroes they will
emulate. I am just one person, but you have my respect, and I
hope my children will emulate you and people like you.
It's funny, In history I learned that the basis of the modern society
is this emphasis on "reason" and how a happy society comes from
its implementation. But the lived experience of history is always
different than the ideals. A perfect example came to speak at my
university. His name was Ruben "hurricane" Carter. He was a
major contender for the boxing champianship in the 60's, when,
due to a racsist police and trial, he was sent to prison for a crime
he did not commit. It took 20 years of legal maneuvering to get
HE DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF DOING!!! The story is filled with
anecdotes of hypocritical legal cats who fed, not on a notion of
truth and justice, but on getting a conviction. Isn't it bizzarrre that
our legal system is set up in such a way that the person who can
argue the best, wins. There is no justice. It is all sophistry. But
hearing him speak, he had no bitterness. I was stunned. He
seemed so happy and content with his new life; it was as if the
past never happened. It makes me sad how a man so wronged can
be happy, and the people who wronged him continue in their
misguided attempts to have a "just" society. I asked him if he still
believed in "the system". His response was truth: "I have no
problem with the system as long as I'm not part of it (chuckle)...But
seriously, the system is made up of people, acting for the people. If
the system becomes a war against the people who created it,
there has got to be something wrong".
Shifting gears...
I read your story. I will not insult you by offering parlour room
sentiment and ornate dictions of sympathy. I will say, however, that
it seems that you have lived and experienced far too much in your
early years, so much that it would crush people less strong. It is a
pleasure to see the phoenix rise. Keep rising. I am writing to you
while I am in a transition stage. I am slowly becoming happy with
my life, and now having the courage to fix my problems. Your story
reenforces me, and gives me a little more hope. It seems that all
the toil and frustration, if directed right, has a payoff that is larger
than the sum of its parts. I am realizing this is true for me, and like
you, I have lived far too much in too short a time, granted that not
nearly as much as you. Seeing the rays of the sun creeping over
the horizon is just as good as seeing the full God in all its glory,
because I know that that time of complete vision is coming soon...
I don't even know you, yet I know that you are human, full of
weakness, strength, faults, praise-worthy virtues, experience,
charisma, and thus, your own individuality. You have the courage
to display your humanity to all the world...
This makes you a beautiful human being, and a graceful individual.
If you can, I'd love to hear from you.

I just got done reading your web page articles and your bio. WOW. I hope you
don't mind if I comment,  life hasn't been easy for many people but your
road seems to have been especially toilsome, thusfar. I hope that you can
find some pease. (and some kind tasty buds)

Diane, Hey I'm at my friends house and I read "My Story"  I started to cry
because I remember the night you told it to me and we both just sat there
and cried.  I miss you so much.  If I had to pick a person I most admire it
would be you.  I printed out "My Story" too.  You look so cute in that
picture.  I love you very much. See you later,  bye.
Love your little sister always,
Megan  = )

Dear Honeybud,
        I've just discovered your website, read your poetry and your story. I'm both
touched and impressed. I salute your courage and determination. That said I
want you to know I too am a "medical marijuana" user, who has used the herb to
aid in dealing with stress, depression (officially diagnosed as the
"anaclytic" type), ADHD, and alcoholism. Since giving up Booze and self-
medicating with Bud*, I've finished an undergrad degree and completed course
work for a master's degree, my thesis will deal with entheogens and the God
thing. I also have worked as a wilderness guide in situations where my
judgement and decision-making were required to avoid life-threatening
consequences. Yes indeed the weed sure makes one brain dead ayhh? Prior to
giving up the mind-expanding legal highs (I quit smoking cigarettes as well as
beverage alcohol) I was a violent, angry, mean as hell, lying petty criminal-
shoving white powder and stealing other folks valuables- a generally worthless
piece of amerikan culture.
So what's my point? I'm a fellow traveller willing to join forces in an
attempt to educate and inform for one. The other thing that got me to write
you is that I am closely associated with The Peyote Foundation and would like
to share my experience, strength and hope with you. My feeling is that this
medicine, used in ritual ceremony, would be of immense help to you in dealing
with some of your grief and abandonment issues. Aint' I the busy body?
        I'm currently living near the University of Illinois, maybe we could do a Big
Ten Bud Lovers thing. Want to know a little more about me? How can I assure
you I'm legit?
        Incidently, my e-mail address is derived from my dogs' names, but I love the
implication...and ,of course, this was a motivator in contacting you.
        Congratulations on the H.T. freedom-fighter award. Keep the Faith, pray for
power plants.
Kindest Regards, David M.
*while in Grad school in Berkeley, CA I was able to get a M.D.'s
recommendation for M. M. and was a card-carrying member of the Oakland
Cannabis Buyer's Coop.

Hey!  I was just checkin' out your page.  I was reading high times
yesterday and i saw you and i was like wow a hot chick that loves pot.
That's great.  Well anyway im 20yrs. old i live in chicago,  i go to school
at Devry.  And i LOVE to get baked everyday.  I would love to check out one
of your smoke-outs.  It sounds pretty groovy.  What kind of nugs can you
get out there?  Peace,  birk

I just wanted to say that beautiful women like yourself can take us a
long way in fighting the war on drugs.  Keep fighting and stay beautiful!
 "Sample in a jar"

Hi Honeybud,
tried to go into chat room (legalize) this morning and found it was closed temp.
 major depression--come to depend on my friends.... don't know if you remember talking
to me or not.  your web home is really nice. love ur poetry.  thats my thing too.
i'm a person who needs mj for med reasons( have glaucoma and FM) and want to
do what ever i can to make it available to all of us who need and not to
fear the conseq. keep up all the good work and let me know any great news .
 i do not know how to contact any of the friends i met in the patriot chat
peace and a hug

Hi Diane,
Have you gotten the January issue yet? I guess if your article is in
February, which goes on sale sometime around the end of December, you
should get a check sometime around then. I don't know if it would be in
time for Christmas. I can ask.
Good to see you got the drug-counselor gig. I don't see any contradiction
between being a drug counselor and a toker-after all, our argument is that
if we're allowed to get high legally, we wouldn't fuck it up by being
irresponsible and letting it wreck our lives. Some people just can't get
high because they can't control it, but that doesn't mean the rest of us
should be barred. I suppose there are philosophical arguments for sobriety,
for maintaining your health and not impairing your coherence and
competence, and for excess, for getting out of control and visiting alien
regions of the mind, but I won't dwell on that too much for now. I wouldn't
babysit on acid (not that I do that anymore), but a blowout can be
psychically healthy-even if painful on the morning after. (I wonder if
aspirin sales in New Orleans go up on Ash Wednesday.)
One of these days we'll get to hang out, get high and philosophize some more.

In case you were wondering, I heard about you from the current issue of
High Times. Well, I just thought it would be better to get your permission before
plopping a link to your site from mine without giving you a chance to see
what kind of site is linking to yours first.
Fellow Bud Connoisseur,
More up to Date:

I just tried to call you tonight actually... got your machine.  Anyways, I
was on the phone with the organizer of this event that I copied you on.
She's a law student at Temple U and this is her first of many events here in
the city.  This discussion is meant to lead into a city/state wide drug law
reformation panel.  She says the room its being held in should be big enough
for 120 or so.  I told her I would bring as many folks as I could.  Here's
some of the specifics...
Medical Marijuana Forum sponsored by the Phila Bar Association on 12/1.
Begins at 12:30 and the formal lectures are scheduled to end at around 2:30.
After this, we still have the room for discussion till 6:30.  It sounds like
there is going to be some pretty big folks here... definitely worth sticking
your nose into if you get the chance.  The building is on the corner of
market and juniper (right next to city hall) on the 10th floor in the phila
bar education center room.
I know you mentioned being in the phila area this week, so I hope you get
this before you leave.  I think I'm headed for Roaring Spring tuesday or
wednesday night.  I'm not sure when I'll be back in the city, but I'd like
to coordinate with your schedule to try and catch you either here or there.
Let me know what ya think!
b'byes for now,

So where are you from?
do you go to Penn State? Do you know Megan ----- ? She referred me to your
web page and i must say it is somethin' spectacular. megan said you were
goin' to be in high times magazine, and i had to check it out for myself!
why don't you email me back sometime, i'd like to smoke up with...I mean
meet you sometime! email me back if you feel so inclined!

I must say you are one of the coolest people I've had a chance to meet
in my stint here at U. Magazine. I just got back in town today, so I
apologize its taken me this long to get back to you.
I understand you spoke to our art director last week, and he said we
couldn't use the scanned pictures because of the resolution. Do you have
color prints or slides of those photos? If so, then we could scan those
in here. If you have them, could you send them to me in the mail? If you
send them in Priority mail (2-3 days), we could scan them in and get
them back to you in a few weeks. Let me know!
As far as CASA goes, I'll have more info on that later on. I'm working
on that story for U. Magazine, and then another story for
www.animalhouse.com about drug culture on college campuses. So, if you
know anyone that would want to talk about that, that would be very cool.
Where are you from? I grew up in Erie, PA and then went to Ohio State
graduated in June. Have you ever been to Columbus, OH? There's a lot of
good grassroots activism going on there, too.
Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!

High yerself,
Yep, we have a subscription to HTimes, and in fact it is the January issue
that we just received. So, I guess my hearty congrats. are a bit premature.
In any case it is a flattering article, you should definitely save a copy.
How many copies of the tabloid do you want? Just let me know & I'll mail
'em out. No charge, since you guys do such a great job with them.
Glad to know that everything is going well with the Rallies. How's Dr. H's
legal battles going? Good I hope. He must be an interesting & dedicated
soul to put himself in the jaws of the law-enforcement beast.
Take care & let me know how many tabs. you need.
Yours in struggle,
PS- Hey don't forget to drop me a line next time you come to DC.

Hey Diane,
Hope you're doing well. I just wanted to say that I saw your article in
High times & thought I'd say 'congrats' - I hope your profile will inspire
others to join the cause.
Did you see the tabloid in Penn State's paper on Tuesday?

Wassup?! How goes all?
I visited your page... followed every link.
I read your poetry (very impressive).
I read your life story (JEEZ!)
& came away with a full understanding of your cause.
(Especially after reading your story. LOL.)
I didn't know you were in PA.
I have family up there. Seen any annoying, loud people around?
That's them!

Hey whats up ? , I live in Pa are there going to be anymore smokeouts
anyplace in pa??

Dear Diane,
Fate is an amazing thing, isn't it?
I hope the cops treated you ok during your arrest. I know the feeling.
During the 80's, I was arrested while blocking an entrance to a military
base on the Cape. It was during Reagun's illegal military operations in
Central America.
I was very impressed with your web page-honey buds-quite the nom de
guerre-! Your story was an amazing tale to read. You have experienced so
much-so much more than any one should have to. But somehow you have become
the person you are because of those experiences. You now have the challenge
before you of creating a future and fulfilling a destiny that will make
your cruel beginnings as important a part of your life as the wonderful
delights and happiness that still await you.
Sometimes it can be a difficult and depressing struggle to change peoples'
perceptions regarding marijuana and other things, for that matter. After
all, we are fighting many years of lies, distortions and propaganda. One of
the technigues I use to keep me going is to not focus on the end result of
whether cannabis users will be free from incarceration and harassment
tomorrow, next week, next year or ever. But rather, that I am doing the
right thing today for a cause I believe in. If I don't think about when or
if the ultimate success will come, but only that what I'm doing now is good
and just, then I don't get as everwhelmed with the prospect of how long my
task will take to accomplish. The life fully and well lived does not dwell
on the past or the future, but only on living today to the max. It may
sound trite, but it is nonetheless basic and true.
So Diane, what do you do for fun and fulfillment when you're not busy being
a warrior for the cause?
I think of you often and hope all stays well with you.
Your friend and fellow warrior,
Dick Elrick, Esq.

I was online when I got your last e-mail,
didn't notice 'till later though.
I wrote a little poem for you about your fight.
Fight for the cause
a fight without pause
All the rewards
will be of course
all their remorse
and a bit of applause
for the right of your course
Then the highest of courts
fall apart at the source
At the littlest force
(That's why I never write to rhyme, I suck at it.)
While the world sleeps, you continue to fight.
Not in vane, not unappreciated.
Know that.

 I am a sociology major at the University of North Texas in Denton. I have
been employed in human services related to abnormal psychology and
developmental disabilities. I worked with a disabled Vietnam veteran
who had been shot in the back and was quadriplegic.
He required assistance with all of his basic needs, and I
provided him with home health care. He suffered from painful spasms which
were the result of atrophied muscles and retracted tendons.
I witnessed his body convulse as he cried in agony. He tried painkillers, muscle
relaxers, electrical stimulation, and accupressure.  These options proved futile
and costly.  His physician suggested smoking marijuana as an analgesic.
The results were impressive, as he completed his physical therapy
without any spasms.
I support medical research of marijuana, and the decriminalization of use by
citizens diagnosed with terminal, chronic, and disabling diseases such as
cancer or AIDS. It does not serve justice to deny suffering patients quality
health care.  Republican Newt Gingrich recently proposed life in prison
for first offense, and the death penalty for the second offense of
possession of over 2 ounces or marijuana.  I urge you to contact your
representatives regarding this important and timely issue.  We cannot remain
silent. Your voice truly counts.  They just want you to think it doesn't.

Dear HoneyBud,
              I'm looking at a three year sentence for growing marijuana for
my migraines and seizure disorder (three adult plants and a number of
cutings). I'm a 45 WM married with two chidren, one in high school and one
attending Brandise University. Lately, I 've feeling pretty sorry for myself
until I came accross your web site. I read your BIO and it touched my
heart. The story of your life and how you still seem to have it all together
has given me a new strength to see me through this ordeal. Your an
inspiration! Keep on doing what you're doing.

wow... your webpage is awesome
I'm a 20 yr old f visual art student in canada bc
.... and I smoke weed
(sounds like an AA meeting :) )
Your life is amazing and you are such a beautiful person to have been able to
pull through it and stand out strong.  I have ADD and tend to fall into
depression alot.... I always thought smoking pot was contributing to
this?  Where can i find info about this?
Anyway, I'm going to continue exploring your website.

        About the smoke out - At times I was embarassed.  People I know would see
me and be really uncomfortable.  They did not even want to come over and
say hi.  One friend from my freshman year said "Ray, don't you know people
are looking at these guys and thinking they are a bunch of long hairs?"  I
tried to rationalize my position.  He was drunk and I think he just was
being polite to listen.  That tennis girl that likes/liked me saw me.  She
waved.  I wonder if she thinks differently of me now?  I don't know.
Everyone is afraid.  They must feel like we are advocating unbrideled
hedonism.  Would that be so bad anyhow?
        I ran a search of "Diane Fornbacher" through all the major search engines
using metacrawler.com .  I came up with some interesting stuff.
Mostly articles or writings of yours.  I liked them all.
        I'll stop here.  Please E-mail me whatever you are thinking about.  I find
you to be very engaging and sophisticated.
Raymond (AKA Raymond)

                  LOVE YOUR FRIEND,

Dear Diane:
I read your story with great interest.  I retired last spring after 33
years of public-school teaching.  Many of my students smoked marijuana,
and I was (and am) sympathetic to the cause.  I have smoked it myself
only a few times, but would like to do so a lot more in the future, now
that I am no longer teaching.
I was intrigued by your inference that smoking it helps your "breathing
problem", as I recently stopped smoking cigarettes when I was told by my
doctor that I might be in the beginning stages of emphysema.  (I don't
want to see the "end" stages!)  I know I can't count on honest answers
from medics about marijuana, so I thought I'd ask you about this.  How
could smoking marijuana help a breathing problem?  I don't have any
noticeable symptoms at this point, and I don't want any...but if I
choose to smoke marijuana, am I committing suicide?  Or is it actually
I know your schedule is busy, but any help or insight you can provide
will be appreciated.

I'm pleased to present the Honeybud Weedwackers site
with the MaryJane Smokin' Site Award.
This award is presented to websites that promote
the positive use of cannabis, and have informative,
entertaining and original content. As far as personal
hemppages go, yours is one of my favourites! I've also
added a link to you on the MaryJane Site.
It isn't a requirement, but if you want to link the
Smokin' Site award back to us, (it goes without saying
that we appreciate any links we can get), then point
it to:  http://members.xoom.com/hash_man
Keep up the positive work, and free the weed!
The MaryJane Crew

Dear Diane,
I loved your cute little bug card sooooo much!  Thank you!  It made my day.  I
am real busy with work, but I wanted to say hi and say that it was great to
meet a sister in the movement.  There are so few, esp someone so coherent,
competent, and strong like you. You got it goin' on!  I am very honored to
have met you.  I wish we had met earlier that day!!! What fun we would have
had hangin' out.  Next time.  Keep your eyes open in your closest city what
people aare doing for the Oct. 22 National Day of Protest vs. Police
Brutality.  It's the 3rd annual.  Remember, the January MMM planning mtg. too.
  Love, Bonnie

Dear Diane,
It is I who should thank you. Your spirit, enthusiasm and commitment
flooded me with such a sense of joy that I still feel it today.
Diane, its rare in today's world, where human and spiritual isolation is
more often the rule rather than the exception, that two people are able to
make a connection. I believe that on that brisk autumn Saturday of the
Freedom Rally, you and I did just that.
I hope in the future that the fates will allow our paths to cross once again.
Yours with affection,

I like your site a lot.  Thanks for all the hard work you have obvously done
for this movement.  How about a technical, non-inspiring quote from the
enemy that they wish they had never released? This is circa '92 if it matters.
The DEA's Administrative Law Judge, Francis Young concluded:
"In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods
 we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can
result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is physically
impossible to eat enough marijuana to induce death. Marijuana
 in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active
substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana
can be safely used within the supervised routine of medical care."
Here are some more quotes:
"The oppressed should rebel, and they will continue to rebel and
raise disturbance until their civil rights are fully restored to
them and all partial distinctions, exclusions and incapacitations
are removed."
-Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Religion, 1776. Papers, 1:548
"Prohibition .... goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it makes attempts
to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things
that are not crimes.  A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very
principles upon which our government was founded."
     --Abraham Lincoln(December, 1840)

I meant to let you know how courageous it was of you to include your
story on your website. I apologise for not having said so when I saw you in
person.; Things were a bit hectic at the Festiva (not to mention emotional,
for me at any rate). It is admirable that one should state the truth even
though the pain it brings is all too real. Although I still have my mother
(she attempted suicide when I was only 1) I lost both of my brothers in this
manner. I have learned not to hem and haw when people ask me about my family.
It is almost embarassing because noone has told my father to this day that
both of his sons killed themselves. He was told that they had heart problems!
We are only as sick as the secrets we choose to keep. I am so glad that you
have found the strength to share the truth!
In case you felt as if noone was listening, and/or cared.....believe me,
suicide and domestic violence has involved many more people than are willing
(or able) to admit it. Perhaps someday, if we are all willing to be honest and
share our experience, these problems can be addressed in a realistic manner
and you have taken a major step in that direction. I only hope that I can
someday be as honest and forthright!
p.s. Did you check out the November edition of High Times!? Check out the 100
list. If October pops up, just change the '10' in the URL to an '11', it is
there. :-)

G'Evening Diane.
Just §cooby here. Well no, Andre I should say. How are you? I hope I
have'nt sent a personal e-mail to a work-related site, or some such
craziness. I just visited your site for the first time, and I must say
it is REALLY well laid out. It looks great. I took the time to read
"Your Story". That is I guess the main reason why I felt that I HAD to
e-mail you. I cant believe it, but I was brought to tears whilst reading
about your past. I really just wanted to say (and dont let my
FLIRTATIOUS reputation :) precede me) that you are a truly wonderful
woman. To see someone that has lived through such incredible upheaval
turn out to be so strong and so selfless and so completely personable is
almost like meeting a do-do. You are a list of cliches. "From amidst the
rocks a rose has bloomed." etc etc.
Anyway, I am reaching the point of babbling on like a freak, but I
really wanted to say that from the first time that I chatted to you, I
new that you were a "Gifted" person. You have an ambient radiance about
you which I haven't sensed in many people. I just regret that a few
thousand miles means that I cant shake your hand, say G'Day and light up
a three pound spliff to converse over! :) Perhaps one day, if I can get
my US holiday organised I may just spring up at one of your rallies,
joint in hand, and say "HIGH".
Well I'll let you get back to your no doubt busy schedule, but if you
care to drop me a line some time, my e-mail address is ---------.
 I would love to correspond. No doubt I will see you again soonish at
Legalize, but until then, take care, keep up the good work, and more
than anything else.....stay happy and stay sane.
PEACE AND LOVE.........Your friend Andre (The Scoob)
I'll twist one and spark it for you as soon as I get home! (though it
will be as much for ME as it is for you.......) hehehe

Dear Di,
Stopped by your site today to see what was new, and YIKES!  What a story!
Normally, a tale like that would send me into a fit of flippant smartassedness
(like, I wonder what Chapter 3 will be:
I Am Nailed To The Hull And Eaten By Gulls?!?).
That's how I often deal with undealable tragedy -- black humor.
However, it's not quite that easy when the story's true and I've
met the protagonist.
My next response would usually be to attempt to say something "comforting,"
which would undoubtedly wind up sounding completely inappropriate and assinine
         --  especially since you're (hopefully) through the worst of it by now.  Thankfully, I
caught myself before blurting something so retarded.
So, HB, I'm left with nothing for you but THANKS.  Thanks for doing whatever was necessary
to let the events of your past open your heart instead of stomping it into
icy black shards.  The world has plenty of those already.
As you've discovered, love is the ultimate rage against pain and hate.
And afterall, who but she buried beneath a great pile of the world's shit could
emerge shining beams of redemption and salvation?   You bounce
back good, you rubbery little psycho!
Waiting tremulously for Chapter 2,
your friend,
ps: from the Tao Teh Ching...
She who knows people is clever;
She who knows herself has insight.
She who conquers people has force;
She who conquers herself is truly strong.
She who knows when she has got enough is rich,
And she who adheres assiduously to the path of Tao is a woman of
steady purpose. She who stays where she has found her true home
endures long,
And she who dies but perishes not enjoys real longevity.   
                Hello...was reefered (lol) to your wonderful page by some nice people at
     Legalize.com & was wondering how I could get involved in a Smokeout...
I live in South Jersey.

                       hey honeybuds, this is spliffy, or vivian...i got your website from
tenfreak from legalize...which i am a member of also
(www.legalize/herbgarden/spliffy) it was really inspiring, and made me
write you to let you know that alot of us out here have no idea where to
start, besides getting stoned everyday...you know?? In January, I'll be a
transferring junior to a university from my community collge and I was
wondering if you have any ideas on how to start an active group
supporting the cause...im pretty sure theres no such group already but I
plan on checking on that soon...im just not sure as to how to  go about
it all...im 18 years old and have been smoking pot for 5 years... ( dont
let the age scare you, i just dropped out of high school and started
college early...) please write me back sometime
with some help...peacenluv, spliffy

             Dear Siamgemini,
I visited your website and was amazed at your courage to speak your
beliefs and rights on the legalization of marijuana.  I myself am a
proponent of legalization and hope that the US government realizes
    that marijuana is safer than usually perceived.  One of the main reasons
that marijuana isn't legal at the moment is because the gov't is NOT
   making money from it.  Lawmakers should open their minds and realize
 that the hemp plant has many uses.  As you said on your website, hemp
could be used an altenative to trees for use as paper and so on.  I am
curious, do you smoke pot to alleiviate pain from
a serious disease or for simple fun?
I will be writing in the future.

               A forwarded message to me from Jim to the Women's Christian Temperence Movement:
Dear Women's Christian Temperance Movement:
I have been reading the Bible, and I have come across some statements
which seem to be at variance with the global drug war that your
organization seems to support and promote.  Could you please
address the quotes and concerns I've listed below?
Thank you,
Jim Incollingo
Genesis 1:29-31
     And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed,
which is upon the face of all the
     ...and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life,
I have given every green herb
     for meat; and it was so.
     And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.
*It seems to me that by banning marijuana, jailing those who grow or
possess it and destroying it in the fields, we are clearly spurning God's
gift of seed-bearing herb.  How can it be bad, when it was made by His
hands and declared by Him to be "very good?"
Matthew 5:7
     Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy.
Matthew 5:9
     Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.
Matthew 6:14-15
     For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also
forgive you:  But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will
your Father forgive your trespasses.
Matthew 7:1-2
     JUDGE not, that ye be not judged.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye
shall be judged; and withwhat measure ye mete, it shall be measured
to you again.
*The above statements seem to indicate that we should be peaceful,
merciful and forgiving toward those we feel have lost their spiritual
path through addiction or over-consumption.
Clearly, it seems, we should not be judgmental or punishing -- certainly,
making WAR on these lost souls seems to be clearly proscribed.  Am I
misunderstanding these passages?
Matthew 7:15-16
     Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but
inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Ye shall know them
by their fruits.  Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Matthew 7:20
     Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
The "fruits" as used above, I understand to mean the
"actual products of one's actions," as opposed to the
mere words one uses.  If we analyze the "fruits" of the war
on drugs over the last eighty years, we find ever
increasing violence, prison population, rates of addiction,
availability of new and more dangerous drugs,
corruption of law enforcement and politicians and despair.
 Before the war's start in 1914, very few people
even knew what marijuana, heroin and cocaine were.  The use of
these drugs by children was unheard of.
Certainly before 1980, nobody knew what crack-cocaine was.
 Am I missing something here?
Matthew 11:19
     The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say,
Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber,
     a friend of publicans and sinners.
Am I to understand by this passage that Jesus drank wine and
associated with sinners?  How then, could these things be evil?
Matthew 13:57
     ...A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country,
and in his own house.
    This statement seems to indicate that those who bring forth the wisdom of
the lord are destined to be persecuted and besmirched in their
own country. Perhaps we should look to these people, rather than to
those in power, for the mercy of the Lord.
Matthew 12:37
     For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be
Matthew 15:11
     Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh
out of the mouth; this defileth a man.
Matthew 22:39
     ...Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
These passages all seem to indicate that we should not judge
righteousness by what a person takes into
their body, but rather from the words and actions that come
from the body. Could this be interpreted to mean that if our
neighbor takes drugs or is even addicted to them, we should not judge
or punish them unless they actually, physically harm innocent
bystanders?  If I were so unlucky as to become drug addicted,
would I want to be fined and imprisoned, or treated with
compassion and love?
Matthew 23:27-28
     Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
for ye are like unto whited supulchres, which
     indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full
of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanliness.
     Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are
full of hypocrisy and iniquity.
Matthew 26:52
     ...for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
Again, this seems to hearken to the "fruits" issue mentioned above.
Our society seems to preach care and
compassion for drug users, yet in actuality we point guns at them,
arrest and incarcerate them.  We don't
even give lip service to compassion for those who sell the drugs,
yet are they not God's children also?  Is a
policy of WAR against them in keeping with God's word?
I'd be very interested to hear your views on these matters.
 Thank you for your consideration.
(And let us thank Jim Incollingo for his invaluble insight and efforts!)

My apologies and sincere regrets for not making it to the Smoke out.
Jim  (Incollingo) recounted Sunday's happenings to me when he got back.
I've also just finished reading your synopsis, and it really looks like
we will ultimately win this thing.  I also have been tracking the Times
Magazine poll, and if any stock can be placed in those sorts of polls, it appears as if
only 12% of the people who responded, support Prohibition!!!  My own
experiences picketing, against these paternalist Drug laws are testimony
to the fact that a majority of of American Citizens show overwhelming
support for change!!!!!  Well, keep up the extrordinary work, and I hope
to meet you someday soon!  Peace, Liberty, and Justice, Gary M. Sage /
Marijuana Liberation Organization

I've been enjoying the new features on your site; it looks like
you've been a busy bee with all the arts-fest/smoke-out
aftermath.  As usual, you're webpage looks great and
reads better.   It seems from the responses on your page
and on Dr. Heicklen's that everyone had pretty much the
same reaction to the protest asI did
You guys did something really beautiful.  Thanks.  I'm so glad I
was able to help, even in such a small way.
Gary Sage bounced me a Peter McWilliams alert about the
Time Magazine poll.
In the alert, McW cited the number of voters supporting the
continuance of the drug war as 17%.  When I checked yesterday
morning, it was 12%.  Today it's10%!!!!!!!
  That means (wait a minute, let me do the math...) we have
90% of the people with us!!!
Also, let me know what you think of my radio exchange with
the WoD weenie from Philly.  If you've got the
time, of course, now that you're a nationally known, front line
Peace soldier.
your friend,
ps: sacrifice is noble, but don't neglect your self ...

                   I want to thank you and the rest of the PSU crew (including Diane,
       Jay, Summer, Charlie, Paula, and anybody else whose name I've forgotten
(sorry!) -- please pass this along to all of them as well) for your
hospitality during and after the protest on Sunday.  I was very
impressed by your devotion and courage, to put on the protest despite
the arrest of Dr. Heicklen, the continual harassment by the police, and
the Saturday night riots.  I hope that you're all as proud of yourselves
as I am of you, and that you'll continue to move forward with the
protests, building on the ground gained so far, and taking advantage of
and adding to the momentum that you've acheived.  I want all of your to
know that what you've accomplished is no easy feat, and is something
that most people could only dream of doing.  Your continued activism and
support of the reform movement has inspired me to do more to fight
prohibition, in whatever ways I can.  I, and others, have tried for some
time to organize others to support the reform movement, both here in the
Harrisburg area, and where I was living in Delaware, with relatively
little success.  People too often find that the "easy way out" is more
attractive, to lay low and play it safe.  They let themselves fall prey
to the indimidation of the law, rather than take the risk of defiantly
standing up for their rights and beliefs.
You, on the other hand, have overcome apathy, ignorance, fear, extremism
and hate.  You've stood firm in the face of oppressive and heavy-handed
authorities to defend your convictions.  You've worked to the point of
exhaustion to make your message heard and to educate people about the
truths concerning issues which in our society are so often surrounded by
lies and misinformation.  You've had to endure slanderous remarks,
obscenities, and people giving you the finger, in response to your
attempts to enlighten them and open their minds to the truth.
Despite these and other hardships, you've succeeded in informing those
who came to find out more about issues regarding the drug war.  You've
shown people, who otherwise would have thought that they were alone in
their beliefs, that there are indeed others out there that feel the same
way.  You've made people think about whether or not the drug war is a
good idea.  You've spread awareness about cannabis, and about the evils
of the war on drugs.  You've looked the authorities in the eye and
started them down, both figuratively and literally.  You've collected
hundreds of signatures that together create a show of force against
prohibition.  You've managed to get hundreds of car horns to honk in
support of the reform movement.  You've garnered the support of
countless others in the reform movement, and convinced many to join you
in support.  You've made history by taking the first steps toward
restoring the civil liberties which have slowly been stripped away, as
well as our human birthright to utilize cannabis.  You have successfully
defended and exercised your freedoms, as embodied in the U.S.
Constitution and Bill of Rights, and have proven yourselves to be true,
red-blooded Americans; you deserve medals for bravery, courage and valor.
I am saying all this because I want to make sure that you realize it.
It's easy to get caught up in what you work so hard for, that you don't
fully recognize what you've accomplished.  This is a task that requires
a tremendous amount of effort, time and devotion, and which involves a
great deal of frustration, tears and weariness.  It's also one for which
you receive relatively little praise, thanks or satisfaction, other than
that which your give yourselves.  I want to thank all of you from the
bottom of my heart, and congradulate and salute you all for a job well
done.  I hope that my words will provide you with hope, encouragement
and support that can help keep your group together, to stay active,
vocal and public, and to keep up the fight against the tyranny and
unjustice of prohibition.  We have the truth on our side.  It's up to
each of us to get it out and make it be known!

from G.Martin Sage,
founder of Marijuana Liberation Front and author of:
Babes Tea-room & Cannabis Cafe website
Just visited your wonderful site.  Thank you for the wealth of info.
   I was very moved by your poem.  I am also a somewhat ancient, poet (at 42)
My organization is the Marijuana Liberation Front.
We are locatedin New Jersey and are planning some actions in the near future.
Most of my time is spent on-line trying to convice the few unconvinced that
America has been going down a very dangerous road with regard to drug
policy!  Well, Email me when you have the time!  My website is
CAFE.  Let me know what you think!

 from Jim Incollingo:
Gary Sage (our mutual friend from the Marijuana Liberation Front)
bounced me the schedule for the upcoming 4-day event in State College.
We're thinking about road tripping on out to join the fun, howl wildly
at appropriate intervals and generally add our porky mass to the
crowd..  We'll be sure to say "hi" if we see you there.
If we were limited to one day of attendance only, which do you think
would be the best day to show up? (Of course, we'd like to see your
presentation if we can.)
On a more general note, I've had my website up since November of '97.
It's basically a chapter from my master's thesis.  For about six months,
I got no response at all (not that I'd posted links or advertised it).
Gary Sage was my first contact, sometime back in May.  We've met a few
times since then and have become friends (not uncommon for fellows in
the cause, as I'm sure you've found out).  We're now working on
recruiting activists, taking action, speaking out and doing whatever we
can to turn this evil tide.  Through Gary and on my own, I've become
acquainted over the 'net with several individuals and organizations who
have really changed my outlook on the possibility of conquering what
seemed only a few months ago to be an utterly insurmountable foe.
Though I was cynically skeptical when first I heard of it, it seems the
promise of the internet as a means of social change is actually
happening.   A few recent tv shows (Frontline: America's War on MJ, and
John Stossel's ABC News Special on consensual crimes) have confirmed to
me that big changes in consciousness and reality are just around the
corner.  We may go through a brief period where the war heats up just
before it gasps it's last (perhaps this is that period), but someday
soon this war's gonna end.
My point is this:  there are still a lot of like-minded people
languishing alone out there.  Your page and others  like it are water in
the desert for our isolated and still-terrorized brothers and sisters.
Keep it up --  you are having a real and positive effect.  Thank you for
your courage and efforts on all our behalf.
your humble serpent,
jim incollingo
ps: Your account of the May 2nd march in NYC is well-written and pretty
moving.  I shoulda been there!  NEXT TIME I WILL!

 Rob Kampia of the
Marijuana Policy Project -the ONLY pro-cannabis Legalization
lobbying group in D.C.
You say you have friends who use marijuana medicinally.  Can you
please e-mail me their contact information -- e-mail addresses,
phone numbers,anything?  Patients are our most important
messengers, and we proactively take the time to track them down and
make them feel at home with MPP.
 Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)      202-462-5747 (phone)
  P.O. Box 77492                      202-232-0442 (fax)
  Capitol Hill                        RKampia@mpp.org
  Washington, D.C. 20013-8492

 from Russell Blake:
My compliments on your impressive web page.  It's fun to navigate and
very informative.  I'm new to the whole web page world, and recently
found the Legalize pages; I have a site there under the name Hylo Bates.
That's also where I found your page.
   The reason I origionally decided to write you was to add an opinion
of mine and see what you thought. I didn't have a chance to look through
all your pages, so if you have a piece saying what I'm going to say,
then I apologize.  Anyway, the point I wanted to make is this; in my
experiences at college, I found that people who were drunk tended to be
far more dangerous than those who were high.  Drunk men were far more
likely to get in fights, vandalize property, and--worst of all--commit
sexual assaults.  My friends and I at college (we lived on the
alcohol-free floor, and subsequently were ostracized from the rest of
the 1,000 student campus) came up with this slogan for young woman
entering college:  Get drunk, get raped...smoke pot instead.
   Just thought I'd pass that along.  I have several other sites, along
with my Legalize one.  The one you might be most interested in is at
http://www.freeyellow.com/members4/hylo/page1.html.  I put a link to
your site there.  It'd be great if you'd do the same for me...as you'll
see if you visit mine, nobody's seen it yet.  Keep up the good work.

*Letters are occasionally edited for grammer, length, or omission of personal information.
If you would a letter fo yours removed, please email me.