February 11, 1999

Two High Times Freedom Fighters were arrested again in State College, Pa at the Penn State University main entrance gates.   First, Dr. Heicklen, professor emeritus of PSU and High Times freedom Fighter of May 1998, was arrested for using the bullhorn and refusing to cease and desist his proclamations for freedom and for the end to the drug war.  Officers approached Heicklen and asked him to hand over the battery-powered sound amp device, which is not permitted by a town ordinance.  Heicklen refused saying, "Go away, I am practicing my rights to protest and to gather support in a public arena."  Officers then proceeded to pry the bullhorn away from Heicklen, who was adamantly gripping the straps to his device, refusing to give into the demands of authority.  He then crumpled to the ground in a form a passive resistance, forcing the officers to carry him across the street amidst screams and protests from approximately 200 supporters.

Diane Fornbacher, co-coordinator of the protests and Jan 1999 High Times magazine Freedom Fighter, resumed the protest as Heicklen was being carried away.  She picked up the bullhorn that had been carelessly tossed aside by local authorities and proceeded to condemn their actions as a full fledged violation of constitutional rights.  She strongly stated that, "We, the protesters and citizens of the United States of America will never, ever go away, no matter the distance you carry us to silence our beliefs.  We are sick of your intolerance and ignorance!" Soon, the authorities descended on her, taking the bullhorn from her hands and cuffed her.  She then followed Dr. Heicklen's example and went limp, so that the officers were forced to carry her a block down the street to their car. As she was carried away, she parodied a phrase from the movie Braveheart when she said, "They can take our weed, but they will NEVER TAKE.....OUR FREEDOM!!" to which the crowd responded with horrendous applause and cheer.

Dr. Heicklen and Diane R. Fornbacher were both arraigned after about four hours in custody.  Heicklen, who refused to make any movement the entire day, was arraigned in an ambulance that was parked adjacent to the magistrate's office.  He was cited with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of noise violation.  Fornbacher was charged with one count of disorderly conduct and one count for noise violation.

This was Heicklen's 13th arrest in a little over a year since the weekly protests started.  It was Fornbacher's third.

Penn State Daily Collegian

"Rise like lions after slumber in invanquishable number -- Shake your chains to earth like dew which in sleep had fallen on you -- ye are many -- they are few."
                    --Percy Shelley