America, oh America
When will you understand?
I don't want your children,
your money
your home
your life!
I want Freedom
not some cheap corporate excuse
of Walmart with guns next to toys
and readily accessible
prescriptions on t.v.
I just want to smoke weed
on a mountaintop
a copper pulling up
and sniffing me like a
RABID dog.
I just want you to stay out of
my panty drawer
when looking for
I just want you to stop telling me
I don't look like
"the kind that smokes that stuff"
while taking my fingerprints
on a million dollar electronic
booking machine!
America, they told me to love you
threatening to punish me
if I could not force myself to sell out
and stand for your colors
in school.
They told me Washington could not tell lies
and his modern day brothers
propagate the opposite!
I am confused America.
I am hiding America.
I am crying America..
But are you LISTENING?!?

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