Diane R. Fornbacher
Freedom Fighter
State College, PA USA


To spread the message of Hope and Change in the hearts and minds of all I meet.


BUZZ MAGAZINE, 119 S. Fraser St., State College, PA 16801*

   -Arts Editor, Passionate Mind (1 year)

   -Drug Page Columnist, POTPOURRI (1 year)

   -Monthly Poetry/Prose Contest Judge (1 year)

   -Office Secretary (1 year)

SPITE MAGAZINE, 103 S. Pugh St., State College, PA 16801*

    -Drug Page Columnist, HONEYBUD WEEDWHACKER (7 mos.)

    -Magazine Distribution/Carrier (7 mos.)

WEEKLY PROTESTS, Allen St & College Ave Intersection (Penn State University Entrance)**

    -Co-organizer of fellow compatriots

     -Sign Responsibility (includes making/distributing/placing volunteers)

     -Press Liason/Release (Several news appearences)

     -Public Presenter/Speaker on issues pertaining to Freedom of American Citizens



     -Pennsylvania State University NORML Cannabis Festiva 1997 ***
         Headlining speaker alongside Robert Kampia (Marijuana Policy Project),
         Dr. Julian Heicklen (Freedom Fighter-May 1998 HIGH TIMES)

     -Pennsylvania State University NORML Cannabis Festiva 1998 ***
         Libertarian Party Table Party/Voter Registration
         Headlining Speaker alongside Stephen Gaskin (High Times columnist, author of several books)

    -SSHH Freedom Festival (Summer Solstice Hemp Happening)
        Poetry Performer
       Other speakers at event: Stephan Gaskin, Samar Hatem, Sue Gascon, and John Galt Jr.

    -Annual July 4th Smoke-In across from the White House in Washington D.C.
        Poetry Performer
        Other speakers at event: Dr. Julian Heicklen, Elvy Musikka, Jean Marlow, Joe Hart, among many others.


    -Pennsylvania State University, Spring 1996, Narcotics and Cosmetics Act, busted in the dorms with
     many friends and one out of two who were punished by law with fine.

    -State College, PA. (In weekly protesting spot located in the front of the PSU Main Entrance gates) October 1998.
     Protested cars because they are more dangerous than weed will ever be.  Placed lawnchairs in the middle of
     traffic alongside Dr. Heicklen and was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct. Found guilty.
     Pending appeal.

    -State College, PA (Protesting Spot) February 1999. Was arrested for continuing to use bullhorn after Dr. Heicklen
      was arrested and carted off by police for the same infraction. Please see story for details. Charges eventually dropped.


    -HIGH TIMES Magazine Freedom Fighter-January 1999. 25th Anniversary Issue. Please see article (takes long time to load).


   Barbara Clitherow, Insurrection Ink, State College, Pa 16801
    email: tigger1@cdt.infi.net

   Dr. Julian Heicklen, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry (PSU), 2008 Park Forest Ave.,State College, Pa 16801
     email: jph13@psu.edu

    Ben Norman, Pres. of PSU NORML Chapter, #9 Grange Building, University Park, Pa 16802
      email: bjn122@psu.edu

Possible subject matter for speaking engagements:

-Successful Protesting
-Problem Solving Within An Activism Group
-Web Site Impact
-Self Preservaton in the Midst of Selfless Activity
-Sign Creating, Slogans
-Dr. Heicklen's Experience and Ours (The Organizers)

Rates for speaking engagements:

All I need is travel expenses paid, meals, and a place to stay.

      Email me for more info at: